Photographs should present topics in the most compelling, effective and dynamic way. One of the best ways to do this is to show people doing the work that’s related to their story. This includes putting them in a setting where their work is done and using relevant props or equipment used to perform their jobs. This helps present the achievements of our people in a way that’s both confident and authentic, as shown in the example below:

If it is difficult to show your subjects’ work in a way that is distinctive — such as if they spend most of their time working at a computer — shoot photos to show the results of their work and its impact on Dixie State University or the local, state, national or global community.

Contracts and Photo Releases

When DSU PR and Marketing hires a freelance photographer they are required to sign a contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. We suggest anyone who works with freelance employees of any kind to do the same. Please contact DSU PR and Marketing for help in working with contracts.

We also require that a student/faculty/staff model release form be filled out whenever we are photographing a specific individual. As a general guide, if you are taking a picture of single person or a small group and they are the main focus of your shot, you should have them sign a model release form. If you are getting photos of a large gathering or major event, like DSU’s Commencement Ceremony or Homecoming, it would not be practical to gather releases for the entire group. For your convenience, we have provided a PDF form to download.