Color Palette

Red is the primary color and an integral part of our brand. It is a bold, confident and vibrant color, and helps tell the story of the uniqueness of the area which is home to Dixie State University. Using the Dixie State red prominently on all communications reinforces the brand and taps into what audiences already recognize as Dixie State.

DSU features a versatile color palette, which inspired by the natural landscapes of southwest Utah, along with the university’s work in areas such as sustainability, ingenuity, health and technology. The colors also represent the personality of Dixie State, especially when combined with photos and imagery that depict our people and their impacts on society.

The support and neutral color palette should be used according to the following guidelines:

  • Tie support colors to the subject. Support colors (secondary red [PMS 202/Blue [PMS 289c]/tan [PMS 7535]) can help connect the visual design to the subject of your piece.
  • Limit the number of support/neutral colors used in a single piece so they do not overpower the red, especially when the red only appears in the tag.
  • Avoid color combinations that could be associated with other colleges and universities.
  • Neutral colors can be used with the support colors to bring depth to the design. Try choosing one support and one neutral color to determine if it creates the right mood or feeling for your piece.
  • When choosing colors, keep in mind the audience your piece is designed for. A recruiting piece should have more bold red, while a report might have a more quiet look and feel.
  • In some instances, the support or neutral colors will dominate the design, with red used for the Dixie State tag and key elements such as headlines.